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Dead Eye Dick's circa 1950

  • Come for the food and stay for the view! Dead Eye Dick’s at Payne’s Dock in New Harbor is open for lunch and dinner daily. Dead Eye’s eclectic menu offers the freshest seafood, including Dead Eye’s signature swordfish and lobster dishes. Open from May through September, diners can enjoy homemade soups, an extensive raw bar, creative cocktails, wine and microbrews in our casual dining room or outside on the deck overlooking New Harbor.
  • First opened in the 1940’s, Dead Eye Dick’s is one of the oldest restaurants on the island. Now owned by the Wronowski family, it was patriarch John H. Wronowski who purchased the restaurant in 1986. An engineer who owned and operated the ferry line from the mainland to Block Island, John H. loved nothing more than to take his wife Anna dancing at Dead Eye’s on Saturday nights. It remained a classic island haunt, but by 2009 the restaurant was beginning to show its age. It was then that John’s granddaughter, Jessica Wronowski, came on board to renovate and manage the restaurant.
  • The family had the building raised to install a new foundation, redesigned the interior, updated the menu and completed extensive landscaping to emphasize the Island’s natural beauty. The gorgeous view of New Harbor remains the same and patrons continue to linger over a bottle of wine watching the sunset, just as they did years before. Operating in full swing once again, Dead Eye Dick’s is a living example of Block Island’s long history.